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Those who are into music know the worth of owning an ultimate below $2000 acoustic guitar. These form the soul of any music concert. However, maybe you have a budget? This particular guide focuses on the ​best acoustic guitar under 2000. Any guitarist who is looking to make a serious gear investment would not mind [...]

Those who are into music know the worth of owning an ultimate below $2000 acoustic guitar. These form the soul of any music concert. However, maybe you have a budget? This particular guide focuses on the ​best acoustic guitar under 2000.

Any guitarist who is looking to make a serious gear investment would not mind spending extra dollars on an instrument which can help create the greatest music with minimal efforts.

Here are the the 10 ​high-end acoustic guitars under $2,000: guitars for experts and pro players to buy:

Guitar ModelsCheck Price
#1. Martin Custom MMV DreadnoughtCheck Price
#2. Cordoba 55FCECheck Price
#3. Godin 032495 GuitarCheck Price
#4. Gibson J-35Check Price
#5. Blueridge BR-180 GuitarCheck Price
#6. Blueridge BG-2500 GuitarCheck Price
#7. RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2Check Price
#8. Takamine EF341SCCheck Price
#9. Kremona Artist Series SoleaCheck Price
#10. Cordoba C12 SPCheck Price

Whether you are a recording artist, an experienced guitarist or a regular concert performer, you can check the list that we have compiled for some inspiration. There are so many factors that you can look into before purchasing the best acoustic guitar under $2000 dollars that meets your expectations.

This review discusses the key parameters of all the listed acoustic guitars. You can compare the gear offerings and pick a guitar that suits your needs.
Quick Navigation Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000 – Top Acoustics Reviews 2019 ​#1. Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar ​#2. Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar #3. Godin 032495 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Acoustic Guitar #4. Gibson J-35 Acoustic-Electric Guitar #5. Blueridge BR-180 Acoustic Guitar #6. Blueridge BG-2500 Guitar #7. RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 #8. Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Guitar #9. Kremona Artist Series Solea Nylon String Guitar #10. Cordoba C12 SP Acoustic Guitar Final Words On These Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars ​Some other quick Under $2000 Acoustic Guitar ​Choices:

​Acoustic Guitar Under $2000 #

Best Acoustic Reviews 2019 #

We have examined the market thoroughly and have selected the top ten ​acoustic guitar​ under 2000. These ​guitars feature not just high components, but beautiful looks as well.

These are much more than the price tag as the simplest of chords sound richer with less effort. These ​guitars promise excellent sound quality and have been designed to provide comfort fit while playing the instrument.

Many of these are ideals for use in concerts. Go through the reviews to find the features that you are looking for. All models included in this review have managed to create waves in the music industry soon after their launch.

​#1. Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar #

​Martin Guitars offers solid wood instruments of high quality. The guitars feature hand-fitted dovetail joints, polished glass finish, and all solid woods.

The MMV is a dreadnought model features rosewood sides and back and a spruce top. The top finish is natural gloss and is flat. The neck of this ​guitar features selected pieces of hardwood.

It features dovetail joint which is positioned at the 14th fret. The fingerboard is made from ebony. It features 16th fingerboard radius and features 20 frets with dot position markers. The bridge features solid ebony with white pins.

This model features solid East Indian Rosewood body and Sitka spruce top. This guitar features Matrix X-bracing which makes the best combination of tonewoods. If we take a look at the design, this guitar has been beautifully crafted.

It features a nitrocellulose finish, white binding, gold tuners and 19-ply rosette. This ​guitar comes with a hard-shell case.

​C.F. Martin & Co. designed the first Dreadnought guitars during 1916. Martin Dreadnought has redefined what an acoustic guitar should and can be over the past 100 years.

Guitarists who desire to own a Martin without breaking their bank must opt for a Custom MMV model. This model has turned into a modern-day classic after 12 years after its conception. The guitarists who love affordability, sound and style will find Custom MMV appealing.

Martin has been offering X bracing for years. The company launched an economical line of guitars with different bracing structures with a lifetime guarantee. This kind of bracing was referred to as the A bracing.

It served two purposes. One was that the model comprised of fewer parts than the previous models and it was also devised to support the fingerboard and guitar's neck in a way traditional bracing could not. However, guitars with A bracing sounded different from the traditional models with X bracing.

​The MMV model is yet somewhat different. It combines the positives of the A bracing system with the X bracing system. This traditional bracing is present just below the sound hole.

This offers a more traditional thump on the bottom end. This is the reason why Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural is one of the best sounding guitars that are available in the marketplace today. The notes played up and above the twelfth fret have a chime and sound incredible.

Martin offers attention to detail and for their incredible hand craftsmanship no matter which instrument they design. The Martin custom line uses East Indian rosewood body and a Sitka spruce top.

This offers a balanced and bright tone throughout the range. Martin embraces a unique style of bracing called the X bracing which permits the top to vibrate enough to deliver a powerful toneYeter, this keeps it more stable than the bracing styles thereby imparting a consistent tone.

The MMV Dreadnought model feels more like an electric guitar minus any buzz of the frets. Custom MMV Dreadnought features an auditorium body shape with a narrower body, lower out and a tighter waist.

This makes it excellent for players with small hands.Beginners will as well benefit from practicing with this ​guitar. This guitar features a perfect build quality and appears very attractive. It has solid components and sounds very sweet.​

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​#2. Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar #

Cordoba started manufacturing guitars during 1997. They blend modern elements with traditional craftsmanship. They are dedicated to bringing an evolution in the field of nylon-string guitar manufacture.

Their design has been influenced heavily by the Spanish tradition. All their guitars are tonally balanced, light in weight and are responsive. The Cordoba 55FCE is an ultimate crossover nylon-string guitar that features ziricote sides and back.

This ​guitar has been handmade in Spain. It is a popular choice of those who are fond of narrower nut width and thin body cutaway. The combination of European spruce top and smooth sound of ziricote pairs makes this instrument striking.

This model is stage-ready with its built-in microphone,Fisherman Prefix ProBlend onboard electronics with 3-band EQ. The sleek designing cutsdown feedback whenever this guitar is amplified at high volumes. This guitar offers ease of playability and substantial comfort with little relief in the neck and due to low action.

The unique wood combination and the thin body of this guitar helps one to explore the nuances in sound that nylon strings are capable of capturing. This ​guitar features two-way truss rodintegrated into the neck.

Other features include a clear flamenco-style taps, plate, Indian rosewood binding and bridge, ebony fingerboard, Savrez Cristal Corun strings and a Spanish cedar neck.

This model will prove to be an excellent choice if you are looking for a nylon-string instrument. This guitar is used by prominent guitarist Tonino Baliardo. The thoughtful designing will make you feel comfortable while playing this ​guitar.

The 55FCE is an excellent crossover nylon-string guitar. This has been customized for rock guitarists who cross over into classical or flamenco playing. The cutaway electric style neck and thin profile make it easy for the guitarists to play with ease.

The fingerboard ensures smooth playing. This model is not just any other acoustic guitar. It is made from Spanish cedar neck right down to Spanish fan bracing.

The American specialist guitar maker, Cordoba started selling guitars in 1997. The company offers a variety of flamenco and classical guitars with various specifications and prices.

The company offers resonant and lightweight guitars combining contemporary and traditional methods. All the models including Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic possess winning characteristics such as consistency in playability, tone, and quality.

Attention to detail while designing makes this ​guitar stand out from the rest. Cordoba offers models irrespective of whether you are looking for a fine concert instrument or a studio guitar.

Cordoba offers a range of affordable guitars which are suited for steel or electricstrung guitarists. The Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic is a part of thecore Signature range which was originally designed for the Gipsy Kings.

This model is handmade in Spain which is something different as most of the guitars these days are Far Eastern made.

This ​guitar features a HumiCase Thin body Protégé Case. This stunning, thin body handmade flamenco guitar has unique features and contrasting wood colors. The fabulous coloring is what makes this guitar model earn the 'Negra' tag.

The 50mm saddle and the nut are made from cowbone for an improved sustain. The neck is quite comfortable to play despite the use of nylonstrings of hard tension. The 4mm truss rod augments the sturdiness and longevity of the model. It also helps in maintaining the consistent action.

The 55FCE features a pickguard that is double transparent. It is vital for playing with the Flamenco technique. If playing with a pick, the pickguard offers protection to the spruce top. This guitar is rendered resonant by the dark ebony fingerboard.

This guitar offers well-balanced and generous response over its entire range. This guitar features Fishman Prefix ProBlend which is an incredible system. It permits one to blend Piezo pickup tone with a built-inmicrophone. This helps in reproducing the sound of acoustic qualitywhile using this instrument.

This model was designed originally to play Flamenco. However, this instrument is more versatile and canalso record folk music. This guitar model is not bass rich and is more of aclassical guitar. You would barely consume any time for tuning it.

This ​guitar is set-up directly from the factory. The premium goldmachine heads make tuning much simpler. This instrument performs really well and would make an excellent addition to yourcollection.

This great instrument from Cordoba features fine sound and is excellent value for money. It features exquisite woods and intricate detailing. You can opt for the cheaper variant if you cannot stretch to the ziricote model.

You can opt for maple sides and backs. No matter which variant you choose, this instrument is going to offer you worth for the price that you pay for it.

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#3. Godin 032495 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Acoustic Guitar #

This instrument features high-tech custom electronics by Fishman. This permits the players to choose between 4 discrete mic settings. The players can use 4-way selector switch for choosingbetween blendable sound imaging mics.

The design of this acoustic guitar is incredible. The design unifies a Solid Cedar top and neck with the larger body at the twelfth fret. The 2" width at the nut seems more typical in designing and is slightly larger than the standard offerings under the Multiac series. This results in an ultimate guitar, which amplifies sound to perfection.

Godin's Ambiance electric guitar features thin line design, amazing pickup system and feels absolutely fantastic during concerts. This ​guitar offers maximum control over sound owing to the use of custom Fishman electronics.

The excellent amplified acoustic sound is promised with individual pickups under each string. You can fine-tune the tone with four different microphoneemulation settings provided. Smooth-playing is promised with convenient cutaway and Richlite fingerboard.

The premium tonewoods deliver exceptional sound. Mutiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance provides an incredible experience for the players. This remarkable guitar features a solid cedar top, a comfortable mahogany neck, a Richlite fingerboard and a chambered mahogany body.

You would barely come across this stage-ready nylon string guitar anywhere else. The controls are placed easily on this model making it convenient to use.

The Richlite fretboard features perfect intricate fretwork. Whether you are fond of playing flamenco, classical guitar, jazz or any other style, you will find Grand Concert Duet Ambiance more of a dream while playing.

The natural sounding pickup system in this instrument is commendable. The plugged-in sound makes this instrument seem natural. It does not exude the plastic sound which is commonly observed in most of the electric nylon-string guitars. This is more of a stellar musical instrument that you can ever own.

The use of custom electronics by Fishman permits the players to lend the sound of 4 individual virtual microphone models with the under saddle transducer. The players have the option to choose from the four sound imaging mics that are blendable.

This can be done with the aid of the 4-way selector switch. The mic models comprise of a combination of small and larger diaphragm condenser mics which are placed closely.

This Godin guitar's design unites solid cedar top and neck with a large mahogany body which joins at the twelfth fret. The 2" width at the nut is more like the one featured in classical models and is larger than the one seen in any standard Multiac model.

This results in an impressive guitar which offers custom amplified sound to classical players. This nylon string guitar has a sophisticated output section. The standard output of ¼" works well with a regular guitar chord. ​Comes with a gig bag.

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#4. Gibson J-35 Acoustic-Electric Guitar #

Gibson Acoustic holds a reputation for offering musical instruments that are of premium quality, innovative and handcrafted. All the models offered under this brand continue to push the boundaries of acoustic guitar design.

The first model was issued by Gibson during 1936. The model delivered rich sound and features a clean look with minimum frills. The J-35 model features the classic 1936 design, but not the exact specifications though. It is more of an amalgamation of vintage details rather than a replica.

Gibson J-35 features round profiles in both heel and neck. The mahogany sides and back are pale-reddish when compared to earlier models that were stained dark brown.

This model comes with a banner emblazoned on the headstock which reads "Only a Gibson is Good Enough". This is just beneath the Gibson logo. This somewhat adds a touch of class in the designing of this classic offering.

Gibson J-35 is equipped with a preamp system and L.R. Baggs Element under saddle pickup. The preamp system comes with a soundhole-mounted volume control. This is powered by a battery of nine volts, which is affixed to the neck block.

The natural sonorities are presented well, even after plugging the guitar into a small value of amps. No major tweaks are needed and the sound is amplified well by the system.

With period-inspired construction and attractive prewar styling, the J-35 model by Gibson is something that any guitarist would fall in love with. It would be an ideal choice for anybody who is fond of lavish tones and broad curves. This ​guitar is apt for both old-time revivalist and modern-day troubadour.

J-35 features a slope-shoulder 16-inch wide flat top. It features a solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped X-bracing. You can find solid mahogany on sides and back. Hide glue is used for bonding the dovetail neck joint.

​It features an unbound rosewood fingerboard with 12-inch radius. Nitrocellulose lacquer finish and vintage-style nickel-plated tuners make the design much more appealing.

It is no wonder that Gibson guitars have been famous for almost eight decades. The model J-35 is responsive enough, even when played fingerstyle. It is not delicate not to take the heavy pickattack.

The uncomplicated clarity is what makes this model a popular choice amongst those who are fond of acoustic guitars. With appropriate pricing, J-35 is a real-player and promises value to the users.

This affordable model does not fail to amaze as it is tonally balanced. The bass lines and open-position strumming during play sound muscular, bright and crisp. The mother-of-pearl fingerboard dots, vintage style tuners, and Fire stripe pickguard design live up to the 1930s heritage.

The German-engineered Plek system promises playability. You can expect unparalleled performance from this Gibson acoustic device. The performance is amped-up by the built-in L.R Baggs VTC pickup. This guitar comes in a protective hard shell casing with the owner's manual during purchase.

This handcrafted model from various solid wood tones features the advantages of X-bracing pattern. This ​guitar is equivalent to the original, historical model offered by Gibson. The latest and the improved version comprises of engraved truss rod cover.

Upgraded pickup is promised by LR Braggs Element VTC for ease of play and ultimate plug. The fingerboard edge is softened to provide improved feel. This softened edge fits the contour of the hands of the player.

High gloss finish is imparted to this ​guitar with the use of polishing compounds and finer grit sandpaper.

The finest playing surface is created with the aid of state-of-the-art German engineered Plek technology. Hand-finishing promises playability and the world's finest feel. The newfinishing and penetrating oil maximizes the natural vibrancy of the wood and lasts longer.

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#5. Blueridge BR-180 Acoustic Guitar #

It would not be wrong to describe the Blueridge BR-180 as a tone powerhouse. This model has been designed by drawing inspiration from the authentic pre-war D-45 specifications.

The model has is resonant and light. Quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in an acoustic guitar second to none. ​It features hand-carved parabolic X-bracing.

This permits the solid spruce top to sound true and loud. All the guitars offered by Blueridge feature a slim mahogany neck, Kluson-style tuning machines, a butter-bean button, an adjustable truss rod and a dovetail neck joint.

Blueridge specializes in offering traditional guitars featuring vintage styling coupled with modern performance. The models promise quality comparable with the historic guitars. Each instrument is designed after conducting a detailed research.

The models are crafted with precision at the Blueridge factory. One can observe consistency in each modeloffered right from intricate inlays adorning the headstock to the fretwork.

The solid Sitka spruce top promises a crisp tone and clean articulation. Strong cutting power and deep bass are guaranteed by the solid Indian rosewood sides and the back. Long-lasting stabilityand easy action are assured by the slim mahogany neck.

Perfect vintage touch is promised by the snowflake position, diamond volute behind the headstock and abalone purfling. The gold-plated tuners are precise and smooth and promise to keep you in tune.

Indian rosewood has been commonly employed as bridge material and for fingerboard in this ​guitar. The characteristics not just make the model appear desirable and great, but as well renders it durable.

The use of traditional constructional techniques renders Blueridge BR-180 capable of standing the test of time. The BR-180 guitar model is a tone powerhouse featuring the glorious style of the golden era.

The vintage look in this ​guitar is completed by the aged finish. The traditional dreadnought body and the slim mahogany neck complete the vintage look.

If you are looking for a vintage model that does not turn out to be expensive, then you need to opt for Blueridge guitars. These remind one of the American guitars that were built before WWII.

These guitars have been designed employing the same techniques and antique counterparts. The BR-180 model has not been overbuilt. It is crafted to be resonant and light. Attention to detail can be observed in the quality craftsmanship.

The guitar exudes modern precision and feel. The intricate inlays, the tremendous tonal quality, and the careful workmanship make this guitar one of the finest available today. This model is certainly a benchmark for affordability and value.

The neck features an adjustable truss rod just like any other Blueridge model. Theguitar draws inspiration from readily available tonewood which is designed to reflect a vintage-flavored tone. The fast and slim playing necks make this guitar a professional model. However, these can as well be used by amateurs and students because of well-pricing.

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#6. Blueridge BG-2500 Guitar #

The BG-2500 is the first guitar offered by Blueridge in its classic 30's superjumbo pattern. The BG series models feature deeply flamed solid maple, flashy looks, solid spruce of narrow grain for beautiful looks.

The elegant bound tortoise-style pickguard and the gleaming natural finish make this acoustic guitar shine under lights. The large white pearl inlays in peghead, bridge, and fingerboard make this ​distinctive. If you want to get noticed playing with anultimate guitar, then BG-2500 would the best bet.

Tonewoods such as high-end Brazilian rosewoods and Adirondack were no longer available for the production of acoustic guitars after WWII. Guitar makers were left with no choice butto look for abundant tonewoods.

The BG-2500 acoustic guitar model by Blueridge featuresa Sitka spruce top for imparting an aged sound that has made it the most populartop wood used till date by any acoustic guitar maker.

Indian rosewood replaced sides and backs replacing the South American varieties during WWII. The more readily available species of mahogany were also substituted by the makers owing to raising awareness on deforestation.

Here is a look at the fittings and fingerboards that have been included in the BG-2500 acoustic guitar model. All modern acoustic guitars make use of Indian rosewood which is the most common bridge and fingerboard material used today.

The characteristics of the material make it ideal for use in these applications. It looks great, is durable and adds to the complex yet desirable tone of any instrument.

It is believed that traditional construction techniques employed for making guitars stand the test time. Blueridge sticks to traditional construction methods. It incorporates X-brace pattern for the top which is sought by the users.

The model utilizes the modern nut of width 111/16" which makes fingering convenient for the modern players. Attention to details is what makes everyBlueridge guitar stand out from the rest. BG-2500 combines rosewood sides andback with delicate herringbone or abalone purfling.

The guitar features Black ABS binding with mahogany sides and back. The model is as well rendered distinct with theuse of the signature Dalmatian tortoise pickguard.

A vintage tone is assured by the Blueridge's historic American-inspired design. The modern improvements and classic vintage style promise playability. The BG-2500 has all the features of a classic vintage style modern yet is amazingly affordable.

It is stylish and tastefully bold and makes a formidable rock guitar. It is impressively strumming and bellowing instrument.This model seems best no matter what the application is. The players can use adynamic flat pick approach whenever desired.

BG-2500 would not seem friendly if you want to play without a thumb pick. If you are an ace, then this acoustic guitar would reward you with husky, warm tones while strumming.

Lack of tonal complexity is the only complaint about BG-2500 that has been made by the users. However, this instrument would develop crispiness and mellow with age. Although the wood used in construction is of high-quality, it will age gracefully.

Blueridge BG-2500 manages to capture the duality in a splendid manner. This instrument does well when it is driven with a flat pick.

This instrument can deliver full-sounding accompaniment to a band or vocals as long as you are aware of the right technique and have the muscle to put a little extra in addition to your thumb pick.

BG-2500 can lend a warm and boisterous vocal quality to your playing if your style is more inclined towards blues, country strumming ortoward rock.

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#7. RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 #

The RainSong Hybrid series combines the best qualities of glass and carbon fiber construction. The glass fiber softens the crystalline carbon tone for providing a mellow yet resonant sound.

This acoustic model is a versatile offering and combines the best qualities of small and large bodied guitars. The body shape of this ​guitar is ideal for numerous musical situations. A deep, large chamber offers this ​a rich bass and strong projection.

The tight upper bout and the narrow waist promise clear definition of individual notes, good balance and ringing treble.

This model is impeccably balanced overall. The lightweight and shapely curves make RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 quite a comfortable guitar to stand or cradle with. The extradeep cutaway promises ease of playing up the fretboard.

The hybrid series is the latest line of composite guitars provide excellent value. This ​guitar achieves road tough stability and signature RainSong sound owing to the use of glass fiber and carbon fiber inconstruction.

This model has been built employing the construction techniques that are identical to the highly popular models offered by RainSong. The makers have replaced expensive carbon fiber during construction strategically from the select areas with glass fiber which is cost effective.

Projection tuned layering is employed while designing this hybrid series model for warmth, crystal detail and for the volume of classic carbon sound.

The instruments are punchy, balanced and bright and are capable of cutting across in any acoustic setting. Glass fiber is not as stiff as carbon fiber and is impervious to temperature and humidity changes. A small amount ofprojection is sacrificed in the hybrid series when compared to the classic series offered byRainSong.

The ornamentation in this Hybrid series model has been scaled back for keeping up withthe goal of making this acoustic guitar model value-based. The fretboard inlays offered are white dots.

The rosette is just a simple pinstripe. This ​guitar as well features a UV-protective polyurethane finish just like all other RainSong models. The finish has been buffed up to deliver high-glossy look.

While this look augments the looks of this musical instrument and does highlight the shimmering carbon, it does serve an important purpose. This protective coating is crucial for preventing the damage to the epoxies utilized in the construction of this device with long-term exposure to the sunlight.

The new N2 neck is featured in this Hybrid series model. This neck has been designed with an extensive collaboration with the renowned artists Master Luthier John Bolind Steve Miller.

This neck offers a substantial feel in comparison to the 6-string neck, which was offered by RainSong originally. The neck sounds ergonomic and results in better transfer of the string vibrational energy to the soundboard.

The neck features a truss rod, which is accessible from the headstock. Changes in temperature and humidity do not bow or warp graphite. The purpose of use of truss rod in designing is to permit customization of the fingerboard relief based on individual preferences. This Hybrid acoustic guitar has been crafted to perfection with the use of glass fiber and carbon composites.

This makes this instrument impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. Fishman Prefix electronics are featured in this instrument with an onboard tuner. This guitar is wonderfully versatile. The designing of th​ese guitars combines the best qualities of both small and large-bodied guitars. The shape of this guitar is ideal for a variety of musical settings.

A deep, large chamber offers this RainSong WS guitar a rich bass and strong projection. The tight and narrow waist upper bout permits good balance, ringing treble and clear definition of individual notes.

This hybrid acoustic-electric guitar is balanced impeccably overall. The lightweight and the shapely curves make this instrument comfortable to stand or cradle with. The extra-deep cutaway permits the musicians to play up the fretboard.

The N2 neck has been designed after a long-term and extensive collaboration with the prominentnames in the industry.

The designing of the neck has been based on the modified "U" profile. This profile has been immensely popular in guitars since the 1950s. Th​ese guitars offer a substantial feel of being ergonomically designed.

This as well helps in transferring string vibration energy to the soundboard. This hybrid guitar features a truss rod which can be accessed from the headstock. The impressive electronic system steals the show in this guitar model.

The preamp features semi-parametric contour controls, treble, bass, volume and ultra quiet electronics. The Prefix+T imparts brilliant control. The notch filter and phase switch help in fighting feedback.

This hybrid acoustic-electric guitar employs a mixture of glass and carbon fibers for creating a moderately priced instrument with open, powerful sound that is impervious to changes in the climatic conditions. This guitar is versatile and comfortable. The voluminous body produces rounded and powerfully rich bass notes. Trebles are balanced beautifully and are resonant and crisp.

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#8. Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Guitar #

The EF341SC dreadnought has been handcrafted in the pro series facility delivering precision quality instrument. This guitar has been adored by pro musicians regardless of their genres.

The solid cedar top renders this guitar versatile and permits one to play power chords or sweet mellow passage with equal ability. The sides and back made of maple reflect the tone generated by the soundboard perfectly.

The gloss finish appears incredible under thestage lights. The mahogany neck is connected to the body with an ultra strong, traditionaldovetail joint.

The Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar includes the palathetic pickup which is renowned in the music industry for being the most natural sounding and the most accurate electric or acoustic pickups.

The CT4B preamp is a popular choice amongst pro artists which can be found in this guitar model. This provides a warm acoustic tone that sounds natural even at high-pressure levels.

This ​guitar can be considered to be an excellent presentation of the dreadnought acoustic guitars offered by Takamine. This cutaway modelfeatures a rosewood fingerboard, maple sides and back and a cedar top. Bruce Springsteen is a fan of this kind of styling offered by Takamine in its guitars.

Takamine is known for offering a plethora of guitars that have managed to carve a name in the music industry. EF341SC is one such model which features a dreadnought shape with deep cutaways.

This ensures that the model delivers performance that is being sought by the user. The top has been constructed from cedar. The sides and back have been constructed from laminated maple.

The model is concealed in the piano black finish with sound hold decoration and white top binding. This makes it appear really classy. Th​ese ​guitars feature a C-shaped neck made of mahogany that joins at the 14th fret with a dovetail joint.

The nut width is 1.675". The rosewood fretboard features 20 frets with small diamond inlays. You would not find anything wrong with the designing of this model. The design is classy and simple. It promises to perform exceptionally well.

Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is an electro-acoustic model and there are several certain points to discuss the electronic aspect of this guitar.

The preamp system is known for its exceptional palathetic under-saddle pickup. This quality system features a handy built-in chromatic tuner, a volume slider, and a 3-band EQ.

In addition, one can come across a pair of chrome tuners that are very accurate on the glossy black classic headstock. The rosewood bridge is seated firmly against the backtop. This ​guitar is shipped in a hard-shell case which will ensure that your guitar remains safe when not in use or while you are carrying it.

If we look into the sound aspects, th​ese guitars are pretty much refined and can be taken on the stage. The EF341SC comes with an amplification system. There is plenty of low ends and ample natural projection with the body shape of this guitar.

The cedar top provides warm, rich tone. The CT4B II preamp retains the natural tone of this guitar irrespective of how loud you choose to go. Th​ese guitars are preferred by Bruce Springsteen. He used the model during his concert acoustic guitar.

This mid-range model is used by one of the most iconic performers in the world. This certainly hints of the performance capabilities and the quality of this acoustic guitar model. This ​guitar is comfortable to use and fun to play.

The pro-grade electronics and the natural acoustic tone permit this versatile black beauty to stand out from the rest.

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#9. Kremona Artist Series Solea Nylon String Guitar #

Kremona is a privately owned and operated facility in Bulgaria. The company employs over 100 craftsmen. The company is known for using the finest imported as well as local materials for crafting quality guitars.

The company strives hard to augment the feel, look, and playability ofall the instruments offered by it. The company holds specialization in manufacturing stringed instruments and specialized master violins.

The sultry cocobolo back and sides and the cedar top offered by Solea delivers responsive zest and sturdy bass in the treble.

The specifications of this nylon string guitar include solid top, ultra-thin gloss finish and solid back and sides, ebony fingerboard, Honduras cedar neck, dual headstock overlay, wood binding, bone nut and saddle, brass machines and black accents.

This guitar comes with a deluxe hardshell case. All guitars are constructed at Kremona Lutheire in Bulgaria. Kremona has been crafting musical instruments for over 90 years since 1924.

The Solea Classical Guitar handcrafted in Bulgaria represents the culmination of over 90 years of experience in building guitars by Kremona. This guitar has been crafted with impeccable workmanship with selected solid wood.

This guitar is bound to satisfy those looking for a superior quality nylon string guitar. Solea is a classical guitar offering from the Artist Series offered by Kremona Guitars. Solea competes for other guitars in its price range in terms of quality craftsmanship and solid tonewood category.

It is made from rosewood, ebony, cedar, andcocobolo. This model has been crafted from exotic woods. The hardware of this guitar is plated with gold.

Kremona has a solid reputation as being the master guitar builders. They have cemented their name in Bulgaria as reputed guitar makers. The Artist series offered by them uphold their very reputation.

This range offers a premium range of guitars which are crafted by hand by the mostexperienced luthiers. The series is aimed at professional level guitarists. The Solea nylon string guitar is made with superior attention to detail and from exotic woods. This is one of the best premium acoustic guitars available in the market today.

Solea features a red cedar top with straight grain. The sides and the back are the highlight of this model and are crafted from solid cocobolo. This is a tropical wood featuring colorful grain.

The entire body features a thin polyurethane finish which exudes a glossy feel. You can find some beautiful detailing in this acoustic guitar model. The cocobolo heel cap and the abalone rosette add to the appearance of this premium guitar by Kremona.

The neck is made from the Honduran cedar. The guitar is well-built and plays flawlessly as you would expect from any Kremona ​guitars being offered in this price range. The build quality of th​ese guitars is superlative.

It is complemented with effective hardware including six handcrafted brass machine which features black tuning. This is yet another sophisticated addition to this premium acoustic guitar.

The bridge of this guitar is made from ebony and it also features a bone saddle. It comes with a matching bone nut. Th​ese guitars are shipped with a wooden archtop hardshell case. This is something really essential for a premium guitar for its safety when not in use.

This fine guitar scores exceptionally well in the sound department. The back and thesides offer a rich, big tone. The red cedar is warm. You get consistent and clear sound with good bass response and shimmering trebles.

This premium offering from the historic Bulgarian brand is an incredible offering if we look into its premium offerings. Th​ese guitars are will mainly appeal to recording artists and professional performers.

The guitar would last a lifetime owing to the sturdy construction. Th​ese guitars sport elegant looks and comes with fine detailing. The sound isexquisite.

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#10. Cordoba C12 SP Acoustic Guitar #

Coroboda has been manufacturing hand-crafted classical guitars since the year 1997. The ​guitars combine the best of modern improvements, refined materials, and Spanish Luthier traditions.

If you are planning to purchase an excellent sounding guitar for the investment that you are going to make, then you should look no further than Cordoba C12SP Acoustic Nylon String classical

guitar. The handmade C12 exudes vintage elegance of mother-of-pearl rosette. This has been inspired by the Domingo Esteso design which was incredibly popular during the 1920s.

Th​ese guitars feature a maple wedge on its rosewood back. If we look into the modern design elements in this model, there is a raised fingerboard and lattice braced top for easy playabilitywhile you are accessing the upper frets.

Cordoba C12 features a solid European spruce top with black and gold tuning machines, Indian rosewood sides and back, adjustable truss rod and ebony fingerboard. It comes with a humidified arch top case.

The C12 classical ​guitars ​are distinct from the previous ​guitars offered by Cordoba in numerous ways. The sandwiched flamed maple wedge in the rosewood back not just appears beautiful but as well serves a purpose.

The maple adds rightness to the sound of the guitar based on its density. The Even better tone is imparted by the combination of Indian rosewood sides and back with the European spruce top.

This ​guitar features a lattice-braced to as opposed to the Spanish fan bracing. This makes the guitar quite sensitive to the frequencies as well as makes it sound better and louder. You do not require an amplifier when you are playing C12 classical guitar. The body of this guitar is finished with high gloss polyurethane.

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Final Words On These Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars #

​​Acoustic guitars under $2000 for you to check out. #

As you can see above in this article, We have listed top 10 ​ best acoustic guitars under 2000 dollars.

These are the most qualitative and demanding acoustic guitar which anybody would love to play. I can assure you that you will get awesome experience when you will play these guitars.

We have tried our best to provide you best acoustic guitars ​under $2000. We will keep trying our best to provide qualitative guitars on regular basis.

So that you can easily ​shop for the right overall guitar length for you.​

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