Taylor 114CE Review

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Taylor 114ce is a pure acoustic Taylor guitar that delivers quality in the fiercely competitive guitar market. It is part of Taylor's 100 series of acoustic guitars. This Taylor 114ce article will look at the features of this guitar and how they hold up to playability and other key aspects. With the evolving technology, this guitar [...]

114ce is a pure acoustic Taylor guitar that delivers quality in the fiercely competitive guitar market. It is part of Taylor's 100 series of acoustic guitars. This Taylor 114ce article will look at the features of this guitar and how they hold up to playability and other key aspects. With the evolving technology, this guitar has been innovatively built to suit different kinds of guitarists. The 114ce has got authentic acoustic and electric elements. It is an excellent tonal machine with a grand auditorium body shape. This full-size instrument comes with manageable Venetian cutaways. This review will look into all the features and modest entry points that make this guitar an excellent choice.

114CE Features #

1. Sound and Tone #

Taylor 114ce produces harmonic sounds due to its high gain sustain. With it, you get a fantastic overall experience. The instrument has optimal bass levels and two electrics under perfect working conditions. A guitarist receives a large variety of tonal variations. Being a versatile tonal machine, it provides you with high-quality sound and excellent clarity. You can experience warm sound with minimal overtones. The nicely balanced tone is due to the middle-ground treble and bass sounds. You can achieve both bright and warm tones with the strings that respond to the lightest touch. This work of art produces precise tones due to its superb high gain sustain. As a guitarist, you are guaranteed to have the best musical performance experience with 114ce. It has flawless intonation due to its carefully made tuners. This is an excellent acoustic guitar with impressive clarity. It is suitable for any setting, either a full band performance or a solo performance.

2. Body and Neck #

Taylor 114ce has a solid spruce top with a tortoise pickguard. Its sides and back are covered with laminate sapele, offering resistance to external environmental effects. This guitar is long lasting due to its body's stability. It has forward shifted bracing which helps in maintaining the body's integrity. The instrument has a flawless bracing pattern with a bolt-on neck sapele. The ebony fingerboard is well placed and accommodates 20 frets, a tusq bone nut and pearloid dot inlays. This guitar is presentable as it has a beautiful varnish finish. The materials used in building this guitar includes;

• Bridge — ebony

• Back and side – laminate sapele

• Top — solid Sitka spruce

• Shape — grand auditorium

• Bracing — forward shifted scalloped bracing

• Nut — nutbone

3. Taylor 114 CE 's Playability #

This guitar plays nicely, and it has an adjustable action so you can set it low or high. It comes with the action set low for beginners. This instrument has a standard 43mm nut width that is comfortable and feels nice. The fingerboard is made of good quality ebony wood that promotes excellent playability. The full-scale 648mm scale-length provides more tension for better playability. You can heavily strum on the strings without worrying that the guitar will produce a buzz. The 114ce has effortless barred cords up its neck that enhances playability.

4. Taylor 114 CE Hardware and Electronics #

114ce has two inbuilt electronics. It is built such that, there are low profile adjustment knobs on this shoulder of the guitar. This top-shelf instrument hardware has its electronics installed under its body. The ebony bridge system provides stability and durability. This instrument incorporates form and functionality for excellent intonation. 114ce is an acoustic-electric model that sounds excellent whether it is plugged in or not. It is equipped with a tusq bone saddle and a headstock characteristic of Taylor guitars. It is highly dynamic with an ES-T internal pickup system used to control elements of each string. Its front panel is embedded with an onboard preamp, and it has a switch for its sound system.

5. Taylor's Cost and Workmanship #

114ce has exceptional value, and it is a guitar worth investing it. With its amazing features and excellent workability, it gives you value for your money. It has got even and tight gain on the Sitka spruce top that provides consistent quality sound. With its matte finish, it does not retain fingerprints and hardly scratches. It has adjustable features and a long lifespan. The creative music arrangement of this guitar makes a wide range of intonations achievable. It is aesthetically and musically satisfying as an instrument. Its gorgeous craftsmanship and low position make it comfortable. Its strings have a gentle feel, making it suitable even for beginners. It has got die-cast tuners that help in the production of magnificent intonation. This aesthetically pleasing instrument has a durable and strong structure, allowing it a long lifespan. As a guitarist, you can achieve instrumental change in tone and by extension, have a good performance.

Pros #

• Gives you value for your money

• Suitable for all-round guitar players; has provisions for flat-picking, strumming, and fingerstyle.

• Excellent toning

• Easy to carry around; comes with gig bag

• Excellent propulsion

• It's a well-rounded instrument; balanced form and functionality

• Has solid acoustics

• Amazing playability

• It has well-made tuners

• It comes with a manual with to-do guides

Cons #

• Its full-scale length is not suitable for beginner guitarists

• It does not come with a neck-wretch

• Its narrower than usual neck does not suit players with big arms

• Not suitable for anyone who does not prefer its cutaway feature

Final Thoughts #

Generally, 114ce is a good quality guitar with excellent toning. Its set up is beautiful, and it feels good in your hand. Its low friction neck finish is desirable as it enhances your playing speed. It is a good upgrade as it is long lasting with great action. It has a wide range of tonal qualities, and it comes tuned up and ready to be played. It is a perfect size, and it comes with the action set low for beginners. The elixir Nanoweb strings are a perfect match for this guitar. 114ce is easy to play and sounds amazing both acoustically and plugged in. It is excellent for both standing and sitting platers. The clarity and crispness of its sound make it an excellent choice.

Definitely a great choice for acoustics under $1000.