Martin DRS2 Vs Taylor 114CE

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A lot of people are interested in buying a guitar. While some folks love to use guitars in their past time, others wish to make a remunerative career in music. However, majority of these enthusiasts get confused when choosing a guitar. There are many great brands in the market, and this makes the choice really [...]

A lot of people are interested in buying a guitar. While some folks love to use guitars in their past time, others wish to make a remunerative career in music. However, majority of these enthusiasts get confused when choosing a guitar. There are many great brands in the market, and this makes the choice really difficult. If you need help with picking the right guitar and would like to compare top quality models, check out this Martin DRS2 and Taylor 114CE overview. With the right comparison, you could make an ideal choice of the guitar to start rolling in the world of music.

Martin DRS2 #

Specifications and features #

The Martin DRS2 is the epitome of a phenomenal value that gives an affordable acoustic-electric that is all set to perform. It is a dreadnought model that lives up to the standards of the Martin quality, tone and playability. The model features a 14-fret dreadnought body made out of solid sapele. The back sides of the electric has a solid Sitka spruce top for perfect tone, projection and balance.

With such a great construction combination, the model gives a lot more than the sophisticated look for which the Martin models are known. As well as incorporating all of the fine features, the DRS2 is supposed to be the most affordable yet formidable wood model from Martin. In a nutshell, the look and the make of the model are sure to allure any guitarist, professionals as well as beginners.

Pros #

The solid wood construction of the DRS2 is capable of producing a tone that is as good as the tone generated by any high end guitar in the market. The model delivers the right amount of tone and volume with the Sitka spruce top. Users get to enjoy a comfortable feel as they play the guitar while placing it along their neck; the hardwood neck is ergonomically built to provide added comfort. The combination of the 20-fret fingerboard and the 28 dot fingerboard just gives the much needed fun and playability you need.

The guitar includes the Fisherman Sonitone electronics to produce amazing plugged-in sound. With its resonant sound, the wood piece plays like a sweet melody to generate smooth music. The rich bass and the highs as well as the middles mix thoroughly to make everything work perfectly for folks, country as well as rock music.

Also, the durability of the guitar adds to its features. Once purchased, you will not need to buy a guitar again. With the right maintenance and proper usage, you are ready to create fantastic sounds with this top quality model. A lot of people have bought this wonderful piece of instrument and are really pleased with their purchase. You could be among these happy buyers who are already creating buzz everywhere with the DRS2.

Cons #

Changing the battery is an issue with this model. You need to remove the strings to take out the battery. Aside from this, the model is vulnerable to humidity as it is made from wood. If you can take care of these minor cons, the model makes a perfect fit in the affordable range.

Taylor 114CE #

Specifications and features #

Not all great things come at a high cost, and this holds particularly true in the case of the Taylor 114CE. The 114CE surely exudes the best quality for which the Taylor guitars have always been known. For an acoustic guitar that is priced well under 1,000 dollars, it is really surprising to know how it surpasses even the most pricey models in many respects.

Just like other models of Taylor, this model comes with a Sitka spruce top for creating impressive wood tones you ever wished. The back and sides of the model are made from sapele, which gives the piece a more modern and durable look. Other inclusions of the product are the grand auditorium, the ES-T electronic cutaway and the gig bag.

Style, quality and an attractive price are some of the compelling features of this acoustic-electric. Obviously, the most striking feature and benefit of the 114CE is the great tone that sets this model apart from other guitars in the market. The Taylor 114CE is a wonderful option for any budget-conscious guitarist for creating rich, versatile sounds.

Pros #

Among the most important perks of this popular model is its stunning sound clarity. This work of art generates superb highs and precise tones that will give you a splendid musical experience. Also, the intonation is pretty flawless just like its bass levels that blend perfectly to produce optimal sound quality.

The 114CE offers a range of tonal possibilities that make creative and superior musical arrangements possible without denting your pocket. It is finely crafted with a perfect size and low position readily fit for a comfy play. Additionally, the well structured built of the guitar makes it a winner when it comes to acoustic models.

The model is fully equipped with a wide tusq bone nut, 20 frets and pearloid dot inlays giving it an elegant and fancy look. Aside from the look and feel, the model is built to last longer and priced in the affordable range. As such, budget is never an issue when buying the 114CE. Many folks have bought this acoustic-electric and are pleased with its performance.

Cons #

The model is a bit heavy and bulky. Some users find it difficult to hold when playing it while standing. The material of the model is sensitive to temperature changes, making it out of tune occasionally. Also, the fret metal flats out if you play with a lot of vibrato.

Closing words #

Choosing the right guitar is essential to creating acoustic sounds. However, selecting an ideal model is just not easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks. Yet, it is possible to make the right selection by reviewing top rated brands in view of important parameters and your specific needs. Just check out the above comparison of Martin DRS2 and the Taylor 114CE in the light of their features, pros and cons, and you could be on the way to picking the right model for your particular needs.